Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday : Comfort

Memories of home and my mum, my mum always brings me comfort. Missing her today and everyday. Her smile, her voice, her prayers and encouragement always comforting. She is just too far away. Miss her tea drinking and her delicious omelettes that she "has to make" when she visits.
Comfort in my sisters homes, comforted by memories of the life we had growing up together and things from our childhood home. Comfortable with them, home from home
Comfort here and now, my hubby's hugs , his hand holding mine. Comfort when the kids pile onto our bed for a chat. Comfort eating food that was regular food when we grew up. Comfort when my kids are all safely at home after a night out. Comfort when we have one on one time together. Comfortable together.

Five Minute Friday

"Unscripted, unedited, real" Lisa- Jo Baker
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  1. Linking up again through FMF. Love the way your post touches on so many aspects of comfort and comfortable.Its such a wonderful word with so many evocative memories.... your post helped me remember some of my own. Thanks and a blessed Mother's Day to you!


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