Friday, May 24, 2013

May's mercy despite madness...

Yes, May has been mad but there have been moments of blessing and mercy.
 I choose to continue being thankful to God ....

Day 7
3 gifts about my home
1488) my kids about the house all day, us learning together, growing together and sharing together
1489) our awesome neighbourhood, just today, delicious dinner made with ingredients contributed by 3 households and shared among 3 households
1490) our garden, quietly lying outside in the shade and reading aloud to my youngest
1491) a call from an up country friend today that made a big difference, His timing for sure
1492) His protection over my mom in law as intruders entered her home in the dark of night, thankful she was unharmed

Day 8
1493) hubby bringing home pods of coffee he was given and the loan of my dear neighbour's machine so we can enjoy the coffee 
1494) a cute teapot made just for me 
1495) call from my farm sister

Day 9
1496) mother's day treat of Le Fish spa treatment
1497) dinner by hubby when my neck was incredibly painful

Day 10
1498) a gift outside...a friend popping by unexpectedly and enjoying the sunshine with me
1499) inside...happy teens cooking the evening meal and chattering away
1500) upside youngest boy caring for me even though he is sick, warming a bean bag to ease my painful neck

Day 11
3 gifts about my parents
1501) such a blessing to have a long chat with my mum this morning, encouraged by her always
1502) my dad's sense of humour, always makes me laugh
1503) hubby's parents, good to see them today and celebrate my father in law's birthday

Day 12
3 gifts held in hand today
1504) hugs from my 3
1505) my favourite chocolate from my eldest boy
1506) pain killers sent by a friend that  finally worked for my neck

Day 13
1507) gift found in my mum.... a call and prayers from all the staff at her work as soon as she heard my daughter had been hurt, comforting to know she was praying
1508) seeing the care and concern my boys showed for their sister who needed sutures in her foot

After this day, it became a blur....
days were difficult, challenges of their own and more unbelievable storms to come... 
as I write now I reminisce and count the joys despite the heart breaking challenges

1509) coffee and overdue catch up with a dear friend
1510) my youngest feeling stronger each day as medication kicked in and cleared infections
1511) the doctor confirming that my eldest seemed to just have a virus and not the return of glandular fever
1512) treated to take outs for lunch by a sweet friend
1513) a beautiful gift that arrived late from my daughter in celebration of Mother's Day
1514) long and fast beach walk on a beautiful day, clearing the head somewhat

1515) gift found in little people: laughs and giggles with my nephew, 
him sleeping peacefully next to me, his sweet kisses and cute conversation
1516) my sweet girl treating me to coffee and cake 
1517) good sound advice
1518) connecting with each member of my far away family during a difficult time
1519)  tight hugs from my eldest as my body shook with sorrow
1520) gifts of laughter: hearty laughs with my precious three
1521) hubby's hugs
1522) naps when I could not not any more after almost sleepless nights
1523) celebrating a dear friend's birthday and her delight in the gift I made her
1524) catching up with a friend from long ago
1525) my sweetpea writing her first ever exam and feeling confident
1526) gift in a plate: treated to take out dinner by my brother
1527) gifts in community: dear friends who have checked up and encouraged me daily
1528) gift sweet: my ever sensitive youngest, knowing just when his mom could do with a hug
1529) my daughter recovered well, stitches out today
1530) enough coins dug out of my purse to treat the kids to cinnamon doughnuts this morning
1531) hubby making dinner tonight, a blessing for me to have a night off at the end of this week
1532) knowing that despite it all....But God......

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