Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweetness of September

"In our daily lives we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful but the gratefulness that makes us happy " A. Clarke

1758) The sounds of the neighborhood kids playing outdoors.
1759) A free box of fabric softener to share with friends delivered to my door.
1760) Another box of freebies delivered, delicious chocolate Horlicks
1761)San Parks free entry week and a visit to Cape Point with friends, breathtaking views, fresh air and fun.
1762) A visit to Silvermine Dam with my younger two, free entry, sun warming our backs as I read aloud to them, scent of Fynbos filling the air and beautiful displays of spring flowers.
1763) A house full of lady friends, laughter and fun
1764) A pod of dolphins gracefully surfing the waves at Muizenberg, amazing and beautiful to watch
1765) Warm fires, keeping us cozy as the snow on the nearby mountains chills the air. Thankful to my brother for the endless supply of wood.
1766) My hubby, working hard around the home, fixing things up and making it look good
1767) Time spent at my Dad's place with my youngest, blessed to have a break from the mundane tasks at home and be spoiled by my Dad 

1768) Breath taking views from his peaceful home, good for the soul
1769) My Dad, patiently teaching my youngest and me to paint with oils
1770) A box of free washing capsules to share delivered to my door by Home Tester Club
1771) Heritage Day spent in true South African style, relaxing around the braai with neighbors and family
1772) A sweet friend passing on loads of beautiful new and barely used summer clothing 
1773) One of my longest standing friends coming to visit, wonderful to have her as a guest in our home, memories and loads of laughter shared
1774) My friend blessing me with beautiful new lounge cushions
1775) Family dinner for our daughter's birthday, good food,  laughs and fun
1776) Birthday celebrations for our sweet 16 year old daughter, house full of happy people
1777) Thankful for the beautiful friends my daughter has made over the last few months
1778) Thankful to be part of a caring, friendly church family
1779) Beautiful spring weather and a walk on the beach with my teen boy and our crazy dog
1780) House full of teens again tonight, loud and happy


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