Monday, September 9, 2013

Grateful thanks

I am grateful for what I have and welcome His good and perfect gifts each new day....

1734) a wonderful evening enjoyed together as a family experiencing African cuisine and culture
1735) gift long awaited: a wonderful weekend at a seaside village with family and friends
1736) happy kids, all 7 of them getting on so well, laughs and fun all weekend
1737) the earth laughing in a wonderfully colorful array of spring flowers scattered on the hillside, a feast for the eyes
1738) the quiet shy buck, hermit crabs scuttling across the sand and elegant pink flamingos all declaring the Creator's greatness
1739) kids wading through the lagoon's turquoise waters , collecting shells where the water laps gently on the shore, gulls screaming overhead and beauty as far as the eye can see....memories made
1740) discovering a treasure trove of mosaic supplies in this little seaside village
1741) generous loan of my sister in law's large car and safe journey there and back
1742) finding my son's lost wallet
1743) leftovers from the weekend away that fed us for two days

1744) a morning walk with my sweet girl, spring flowers, scampering squirrels, geese and guinea fowl
1745) a visit from my sweet baby nephew and his mom
1746) gift given: blessed with beautiful seconds and some new clothes passed on by a kind friend
1747) a beautiful song sent to me by another sweet and gentle friend
1748) free exercise class at the fit club, enjoyed with my girl and a friend
1749) my prize arriving: a box filled with different types of rice and a wonderful Indian recipe book
1750) news that I have won another prize, a resturant voucher
1751) early morning walk with hubby, our youngest and our crazy dog....crisp and cool, the air laden with the scent of fynbos, mountain views, all so good for the soul
1752) thankful to return the cell phone we found to its rightful owner
1753) friends popping in unannounced for a cuppa and good laughs
1754) wonderful service in church tonight
1755) morning walk with the younger two and friends because we can on a "school day", blessed and thankful
1756) winning another prize today...R500 Sea Harvest Hamper!
1757) thankful for free Afrikaans lessons at our local library, thankful to the retired teacher who gives up his time for us


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