Monday, January 20, 2014

Joy Filled January

It has been such a blessing to spend time with precious family and friends this past week. 

1845) thankful for the delicious cake my daughter made this morning
1846) grateful to share my sister's birthday with her, usually she is back home on the farm

1847) thankful for the wonderful lunch my dad treated us to today
1848) wonderful early morning walk
1849) a sweet friend treating me to a belated birthday breakfast at one of my favorite places
1850) a houseful of happy teens, swimming, braaing, laughing and enjoying themselves
1851) a drive out along the coast road with my dear sister, chatting all the way
1852) wonderful morning spent with my sister and our aunt and uncle
1853) gifts of heirloom seeds, basil plants and a bottle of wine
1854) a houseful again, blessed and thankful that the teens and their friends enjoy our home
1855) my longest standing friend spending the day here, good to catch up with her again
1856) blessed by this morning's church service
1857) thankful for rest over the weekend
1858) early morning chats with my oldest on the way to work
1859) brisk walk with my girl, good for both of us
1860) wonderful marks for my girl's grade 10 exams


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