Monday, January 6, 2014

January's Joys

A new year with new gifts, blank pages to be filled with blessings...

1915) the start of a new year, a year to live forward
 1916) a refreshing dip in our pool this warm evening
1917) catching up over coffee with my neighbour
1918) rest, lots of it
1919) a morning with a dear friend , enjoying breakfast together
1920) safe return of my daughter after a months traveling
1921) my sister and her family visiting for 3 weeks, wonderful to see her and catch up with her again
1922) breakfast out, just me and my girl
1923) belated birthday and Christmas gifts, a real spoil
1924) delicious treats from my sister's far away farm kitchen
1925) family feasting together on Sunday afternoon, cousins loud and boisterous
1926) Sunday message, He has 2014 and His promises stand
1927) thankful that my son is employed and enjoying it
1928) time spent with my sister today

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