Monday, January 27, 2014

Giving thanks

Life goes by so fast. 
It is good to pause and notice and give thanks for good and perfect gifts from above....

1861) celebrating a birthday breakfast with girlfriends, loads of laughter
1862) finding the books we need at the local library
1863) catching up with dear friend over a two for the price of one dinner
1864) my sister popping in for a visit
1865) beautiful people, doughnuts and coffee at tonight's church meeting
1866) a morning in the botanical gardens with my sister, our teen boys and their boisterous toddler cousin
1867) a sweet friend lifting my daughter to art lessons, saving me the hour long round trip
1868) another wonderful evening walk
1869) my son treating me to an ice cream sundae
1870) thankful for our eldest's good AS level results
1871) wonderful to open our home to a sweet teen so she could have her birthday party here, 
blessed to be a blessing
1872) thankful for travelling mercies for my sister and her family
1873) wonderful communion service at church this morning
1874) great to catch up with my mum on the phone this weekend
1875) gift in the kitchen: my sweet daughter making a delicious dinner for us tonight
1876) thankful that my daughter joined me on my morning walk


  1. Love all the things your kids do with you and for you. Those are among the very best things to be thankful for. :)


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