Monday, January 27, 2014

The Gravel Garden

While my sister was in C.T, the two of us enjoyed a wonderful morning visiting The Gravel Garden in Somerset West. My sister had bought some of her heirloom seeds from this South African seed company. 
The Gravel Garden is open to guests every Friday morning from 10 to 1. Visitors can stroll around, enjoy a cup of tea and delicious eats, trade or buy home grown produce and preserves and purchase heirloom seeds. Seedlings are also on sale. 

Those red onions peeping through the soil were just enormous!

The garden is a delight to stroll around in and the grow bags look like a fantastic idea. 
Everything growing in them seems to be doing incredibly well!

Never have I seen such enormous tomatoes!

A table and chairs tucked away in the garden, covered by an overgrown trellis, looked like the perfect place to escape to for some time out.

The Wendy house was a hive of activity with trading of fresh produce, talk of gardening and a general air of happiness. 

My aunt and uncle joined us and we relaxed under the giant plum tree to enjoy tea, freshly baked polenta cake and chili cheese muffins.

My sister treated me to a 6 pack of basil plants and my uncle kindly bought me some seeds.

New Zealand spinach, Detroit Dark Red Beetroot and Hellanthus Sunflowers...
Sunflowers with a dark red flower!

Oh, and another gift from my sister, some lovely wine from a local wine farm! 
On the tables out under the giant plum are numerous recipe books, books on gardening and more. Definitely a place to return to and enjoy at leisure....

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