Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Stories and Sunshine

The week was cold to start with and we spent much time under duvets on the couch listening to our audio book of  Pilgrim's Progress and reading about Ancient Greece. 
Online science and math tutorials taught new concepts and Zak enjoyed his technology class where he begun making a table.

We finished up the unit on cells and of course we made a jelly and candy cell just for the the fun of it even though we have done it numerous times before!
He really enjoyed the drawings he had to do for geometry. I think that was hubby's old high school math set that we pulled out from somewhere in the office.

Keren caught up all the work she missed last week when she was ill. 

And there is always art....


His and hers.

This morning the weather was glorious and we took time out enjoying the sights....

sounds and scents of the forest....

The river was fairly full and we always make our way to this watering hole for our dog and this tree for our boy :)
Our crazy dog enjoyed the great outdoors enormously... 

and just look at our mountain!
 Table Mountain in all it's glory!
Such soul food!

We were back home early enough for the kids to get in a bit of work before they headed off to their youth camp.

 It's a short camp and they will be home tomorrow afternoon.
 Tonight I have the pleasure of relaxing while my oldest son and his girlfriend cook dinner for us. 

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. A table? That sounds like an interesting class. You have beautiful children!

    1. Yes, they do woodwork projects at technology class :) Thank you!

  2. i can smell the forest from your pics. Beautiful art.

  3. Lovely post Wends. Miss you my friend

  4. What a nice week. The morning walks and books on CD are right up my alley.
    Blessings, Dawn


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