Monday, August 25, 2014

Thanks Living

Today I choose to share my thankfulness despite circumstances. 
A friend's daughter passed away yesterday. Too young and too soon.
 Finding joy and gifts to be thankful for, no matter how big or small,  has become a way of life... 
a life line in a sometimes sad and scary world. 

glorious sunny weather
morning walk before hitting the school books
generosity of my brother
faithful friends and family's prayers
my girl's delicious baking, enjoyed by us all
impromptu coffee and catch up with friends two nights running
heart shaped biscuit baked and decorated just for me
my sweet little nephew fast asleep on my bed
his sunny disposition and cute chatter in the morning
a caring letter of appreciation from my sweet girl
fresh eggs from my brother's hens
grace on difficult days
pancakes made by my sweetpea
weekend rest
wonderful evening of fun with friends new and old, celebrating Christmas in August
lovely gift, just the one my heart desired : fridge poetry
gift of sacrifice from my mum, much appreciated and needed
summer weather on a winter's day

solitary beach walk, warm water lapping at my feet, sun on my back
first braai of the coming season, gorgeous friends and good food
our youngest's birthday, wonderful day celebrating with family
pizzas by hubby for the celebration
wonderful news of our oldest's acceptance to university
friends and family who share our joy in this wonderful news
my gorgeous nephew spending the day with me, cute and constant chatter
evening of laughter and fun with my sweet friend
a refund I didn't expect
another prize won, a case of wine from a nearby wine farm
thankful for good medical care and medicine for my oldest
my sweet girl, preparing treats for her brother's party all week
Saturday sleep in, just what was needed
teens enjoying Zak's party...loud, hungry, happy
wonderful message on Psalm 23
beautiful sunshine and walk in the forest
conversations with my far away Mum
coffee with a friend
enjoying prize I won...soothing and calming massages for hubby and me at a tranquil spa



  1. Lovely list, Wendy, and made lovelier since you offer this praise in the hard times. Thank you.


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