Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Overdue One

Yes, its been two weeks since a weekly wrap up post. Life has been happening. We have had days of rain and chilly temperatures as well as gorgeous sunny days with no wind. School has taken place in warm beds or under blankets on the couches. Its such a blessing to be able to let the kids sleep in a bit too on chilly mornings. 

Keren has written her first exam for matric, her art theory exam, and she has spent weeks working on her practical which she handed in today.
 An offer to purchase it was made too!

Zak got his belay license at rock climbing last week and has been attending basketball. He and I finished up his anatomy and physiology course . I wonder what course we will do next...perhaps another geography course or more science. 
I have been roping him in in the kitchen too and he has been making delicious garlic cheesy scones to accompany soup dinners, apple and cinnamon muffins and pancakes too. Its good for boys to know their way around the kitchen!

Evenings have been cozy with a fire when needed and the family gathering in the lounge. We have enjoyed watching series and I keep my hands busy knitting. I have been donated wool of all colors from friends and its been fun to knit them up into beanies and booties for a local project. The Zoe project makes mum and baby packs for new mums at the local midwife obstetric units. The mums are often from very poor homes with little for their new babes, so its a real pleasure to know that these beanies and booties will make a difference and keep these babes warm. 

Weekends have been good. Lots of rest and relaxation. I still don't have my car since the accident so I look forward to weekends and getting out a bit when hubby is home. We have enjoyed Saturday morning breakfasts at a local nursery. They have great specials on during the winter months . Yummy hot chocolate and bacon on french toast for a steal. Zak joined us this past Saturday and really enjoyed it. We had  a lovely walk in the nearby forest this weekend too.

 It was wonderful to enjoy the wide open spaces and the great outdoors. 

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. Her art is amazing.
    I've enjoyed following you on instagram!


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