Monday, June 29, 2015

June's Joys

Finding joy in everyday life...

chilly but sunny winter days
breakfast out with hubby and our youngest
friends and family helping out with lifts while my car is being repaired
hot chocolate shared with dear friends
warm fires on chilly evenings surrounded by my precious ones
friends bringing firewood and marshmallows to toast on the fire
late night chatter with my girl as we share my bed
happy father's day celebrations with family
connecting with an overseas friend 
hearing from more old friends
seeing my kids connect and hearing their laughter
date night with hubby
braai and fun and games with friends
houseful of happy, bubbly teens
an afternoon spent with family friends who have known me for over 40 years
watching His plans unfold
a morning with my cute nephew, love the constant chatter and little imaginative brain working overtime
a morning spent birthday shopping with my soon to be 20 year old
visiting teens who call me mom
endless supply of wool given to me by friends
a wonderfully encouraging read gifted by my sweet girl
a medical scare that turned out to be nothing
my car back home
an afternoon enjoying the theater with my youngest
girls morning out with friends
wonderful results for my girl
my dear sister who just knows when to call


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