Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday time...

Holidays call for a less pressurised time without the concerns of getting work done and being here or there at set times. We are loving the break.

Time to enjoy the freedom of lying in a little longer under the covers on these cold mornings. Time to enjoy catching up with friends.
Time to enjoy the benefits of free movies.
Time for Z to enjoy the gyms kids holiday club.
Time for K and I to enjoy a few pilates classes.

Time to enjoy hours reading together, and reminiscing about the holidays I had in that part of the world when I was growing up.

Time for a walk on the beach.

Time for little boys to enjoy the freedom of wide open spaces under the big blue sky.

Time for changes to be made....


Our dining room table is one of our pieces of furniture that I love. Hubby chose it after we came back from Dar es Salaam in 2004. We had nothing then, no job, no home and 30 boxes with lego , school books , barbie and the likes. Most of our worldly possessions were left behind in East Africa. Just us, our 3 little kiddies and the fact that we knew we had made the right decision coming home. Anyway, now I am going off on a tangent....

Our dining room table has been in our " dining room", come room that gets filled with anything else we cant find a place for.... under piles of school books and anything else that has accumulated there! This holiday, we have made a change and I love it! The old dining room has now become the study, and where the computer and files piled up before, is now our new dining room.


Now I get to enjoy a piece of furniture I love , and we can enjoy eating there as a family without being surrounded by the piles of stuff that need a home... yeah that is part of my holiday plan to sort through all those things bit by bit!

Time to enjoy the kitchen....

......more time for enjoying making delicious treats to fill the ever hungry tummies! We had run out of sweet chilli sauce and thankfully my chillies just keep coming so I now have a stash of chilli jam in the cupboard to last for the next while.
I tried out a new recipe for cheese muffins and added some fresh rosemary.... simply delicious. At the same time, a batch of crunchies, some low gi muffins and a tasty vegetarian lasagne went into the oven.

Time to be creative.....

My sweet daughter gave me a beautiful invitation earlier in the week. I was invited to join her in a card making session. We both enjoy having fun being creative and so we lit a fire and enjoyed an afternoon of creativity together with some background music in the "new" dining room.

Time to enjoy our little nephew/ cousin....

(any time is fine for me as babies are my thing.... just gotta love them! )

My sweet nephew is two months old already! We had him here for a few hours while his mum and dad enjoyed some time out with friends. He is such a joy and so content. He dozed comfotably in my arms as I read to my children and when I put him down, he woke. He woke with the biggest smile on his sweet little face.
Next week my mum arrives to spend some time with us and to meet him for the first time!

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