Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moments with Mum

Well, it has been just over a week since my Mum left after visiting for one wonderful week. There is something comforting about having her here that makes me feel that everything will be ok...
I always treasure the moments we have together I and miss her deeply when she is gone. It takes me a couple of days to get over the sadness once she leaves, and there are always little reminders that she has been here with us.

This visit was made more special as she was coming to meet her newest grand-baby for the first time. My kids were looking forward to having some time with Granny too!

There was the "welcome" sign to be made. Something the kids have always made for her when she comes to visit.

K busied herself in the kitchen making batches of delicious cookies to enjoy with her welcome cup of tea.

On her first evening here, my brother and his wife, the proud new parents came to introduce their gorgeous little baby boy to his granny.

Mum so enjoyed meeting him and being able to cuddle him at last. He is a much prayed for and long awaited little blessing. As she held him, I was reminded so much of when my youngest, now nearly eleven, was a tiny little thing who battled to gain weight as a newborn. Granny would just hold him and keep his little body snugly wrapped up in her loving arms.

Granny and the boys.

My Mum got to catch up with her friends in this neck of the woods.
We got to enjoy a girly movie together and have a walk along the catwalk on a glorious sunny winters day.

We spent time with my brother and his family, just enjoying being together.
Mum got to babysit while the new parents had a little time out together.
We enjoyed a day with my Mum's sister (and my cousin and her kiddies) who happened to be visiting her daughter here.

Mum got to sample the delicious "Mount Nelson Chocolate Cake" with chocolate ganache icing made by J this time around.

J kindly vacated his room and slept on the couch while Granny visited but she had a little visitor "sleeping over" with her most nights. In the mornings Z would be chatting away to her, long before the rest of us were awake.
I so enjoyed seeing my two teens enjoying chatting and laughing with their Gran.

One of the highlights of the visit was time we had at my brother's home giving thanks for their baby boy. He and his wife gave thanks for the life of their son, and dedicated him to the Lord. It was just beautiful. I am so pleased that Mum was here to share in that.

We shared her last evening here together with my brother and his family. It was an enjoyable, relaxed and happy time and she got to enjoy her sweet little grand-baby some more.

And yes Mum, "we have some lovely memories of special family times together to pull out and cherish in the days ahead".....

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  1. Sounds like a special time together. Times like these make it so hard to be far away. xxx


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