Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Minichef at the Mount Nelson

It was with great excitement we learned that Z had been picked to spend a morning at the luxurious Mount Nelson Hotel a few weeks ago. Spatula mag and Cape Town Kids gave the Minichefs this awesome opportunity to spend the morning with Executive Chef Rudi and his helpful assistant chefs, having a great time, baking up a storm! Each lucky little Minichef could bring one equally lucky parent with them and I got to be the one!

We were ushered into the beautiful Orchid Room for our morning of fun and each Minichef was kitted out with a chefs hat and a name tag. Chef Rudi welcomed us all and the fun began....

The Minichefs each had their own spot at the grand table where all their ingredients were measured out for the most delicious chocolate cakes they were to be making and decorating.

The table was laden with all things delicious for decorations. You name it, it was there.... smarties, jelly tots, fudge, marshmallows, biscuits, meringues, hand-crafted chocolate swirls, icing in every colour imagined and more.... sweetie heaven!

The parents were in for a treat too, with tea and coffee and all sorts of decant tea time treats laid on for their enjoyment.

The littlest Minichef needed a crate to stand on so he could see what he was doing!

The Minichefs got to enter the kitchen to see where their cakes were being baked and then the creativity began to flow as each one produced elaborate decorations for their cakes.

Once baked to perfection, the Minichefs got down to the serious business of icing and decorating the cakes...

Each creation was unique, and each Minichef pleased us punch with their results!

The atmosphere was amazing and Chef Rudi and his assistants worked patiently alongside the Minichefs, encouraging them in their creativity and lending a helping hand where needed.

The Mninichefs were then in for lunch time treat...

They got to enjoy lunch of pizzas (with any topping they desired) and milkshakes at the "The Chef's Table". This table is in an alcove in the kitchen and has a mirror on the back wall, giving a fish bowl view of the kitchen. I had told my Minichef about this special table and he felt very privileged to be able to enjoy this amazing opportunity.

Once the feasting was done, the Minichefs were all presented with a fun certificate and it was time to head on home.

We certainly had a wonderful morning of fun and are thankful to all that made the morning so memorable! And let me tell you.... that cake has been made over and over again in our house!

Thank you to the Mount Nelson for making happy memories for my Minichef!

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