Saturday, June 25, 2011

The show is over...

K and the wonderful make up mom!

The show that my two youngest were in, is over and while it was great fun, and very well done, I am glad there are no more night drives for late practices over the mountain in the cold and rain. We are enjoying relaxing at home in front of the fire and doing things at leisure now that the holidays are here.

The king, my peasant boy, and one of the sweet guards chilling out while waiting for the show to begin.

The drama teacher really prepared the kiddies well for the show and it went without a hitch. The kids did warm ups backstage and there was an air of excitement and lots of fun and laughter. I had the privilege of working with the designated backstage moms (backstage) on the last show night, and boy did those kids all know what to do when in the flurry of activity between each scene!

The show opened with a violin solo by one of the talented young cast members.

The two fairy godmothers were charming!

This was my peasant boys first on stage performance and he loved it!

K had a part in the production last year and she equally enjoyed her part as queen this year. I love that her king was a good few years younger than her and had to stand on a chair... it really added to the comical nature of the play! He played his part so well.

All the kids worked so hard, did so well and it was a great, fun production. Hats off to the wonderful drama teacher and all the backstage moms! I am so pleased that my kids have been able to experience being part of something that is such hard work, and yet so much fun! As one the moms said, "The fact that we can DO a play at all is a privilege. We could have lived in Tripoli or Kahbul or starving in the Sudan...", and yes, smile making memories were built all round!

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