Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping my hands busy...

I love to keep my hands occupied when hubby and I watch TV. If I don't, I fall asleep, so this is what I have been working on for the last while.

Both are a gift for my sister in KZN. She got a pair of the fingerless mittens from me at late last year and has so enjoyed them this winter for the first time. She loves the way that her hands are kept warm , while still free to do what needs to be done. I adapted the pattern I used for the "snood" I had made for my daughter earlier this winter, to make a shorter wider one for my sister. It can be pulled up over the head to keep warm in icy winds and looks just a pretty worn around the neck.

A while back a friend blessed me with a huge box of fresh veg. In the box was some cauliflower and seeing that there are only two of us in the house who enjoy cauliflower, I decided to try my hand at some piccalilli.

The result: delicious, especially on fresh, hot, home-made bread with cheese!

My favourite way to keep my hands is busy though, is looking after my sweet nephew, who I am honoured to say is also our Godson. Recently we have had him here a few times while his mum and dad have been busy. He is such a joy and has the sweetest little smile. He is so talkative and he chews his little fists with great gusto!
He is going to spending his first over night visit with us this week as his mum needs to be in hospital over night. Thankfully the hospital is a stone throw from our home and I will be able to take him in for feeds. We are so looking forward to his visit.


  1. the mittens and scarf are lovely, she will need them with the snow they have been having in Kzn..your beautiful, enjoy..


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