Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are fun.....

......especially when you are 11 and all your birthday wishes come true!

One excited boy woke to our usual tradition of piling into mom and dad's bed, surrounded by siblings, to open gifts. The excited exclamations confirmed that he was happy!
Then it was off to Oma for more spoiling! 
Phone calls, text messages, fb messages and emails poured in throughout the day.

Big sister lovingly baked a birthday cake

 and then the birthday boy and his sister had fun decorating it.

Friends and family gathered to celebrate

and spoil the birthday boy more!

Far away cousins were missed....


  1. Happy Birthday Z! We see you had a wonderful day! Have fun with your friends this weekend ;o)
    Luv The Vels Family

  2. Wends, so hard being far away. That is a beautiful pic of you and Z. Your hair is looking really pretty. Love you xxx

  3. Thanks Shirley and Cath, miss you all loads xxx


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