Friday, August 5, 2011

School days

We are well into the third term of school and the children have settled in well to the routines and rhythms of learning. I feel so blessed to be part of their learning and daily lives.

I love those "aha" moments when they figure something out and those moments when they get excited about something they have read and are just bursting to ask, "Mom did you know.....?"
I love that each of my children is able to learn in their own individual style.
I love that it doesn't matter if it takes longer to grasp something as we have the time to explain it.
I love that we can dwell on a subject for as long as we please when we are captivated by it.
I love that we can read another chapter because our book is just too exciting to put down.
I love being able to make them nourishing home cooked meals at lunch time on cold winter days and freshly squeezed juice at a morning break.
I love being able to take our learning to the fire place with mugs of warm tea or out into the sunshine.

Here's a peek at some of what we have been doing.

K has been working on design at her art classes.

Strange things like floating eggs are on my kitchen counter.

Botany has had us planting bulbs in vases.

We are hoping to see some beautiful flowers.

The Simple Schooling website has given us lots to learn about in fun and different ways, with their weekly free interactive themes : atomic theory, life cycles, rocks and minerals and more.

The younger two are listening to podcasts of The Chronicles of Narnia.

The older kids and I are doing Kevin Tredeau's Mega Memory course together... a lot of fun so far! Here is a quote from the website , " After just a few short hours with this program, your memory dramatically improves. In fact, your new ability to remember the things you read, hear and think provides an amazing advantage in both your personal and professional lives."
I certainly could do with a boost in the memory department!

Z has enjoyed making paper planes in his unit on the Wright Brothers. He is now reading about Benjamin Franklin.

J has been working diligently as he has his exam dates set for 3 subjects. He has completed his studies on these subjects so now it is a matter of revision and writing numerous past papers. Hubby has been able to help him put together a suitable schedule so that he will be well prepared when the time comes to sit the exams.

So we are back into the rhythm of term time and our days are interesting and full of new things....
we are loving learning together.

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  1. love k design, and also had those funny things on my shelf...just don't bump it over by mistake as mom did before the experiment was over.. ;)


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