Saturday, August 27, 2011

Full and fun...

I can hardly believe it has been over a week since we celebrated our youngest's 11th birthday! A full but fun week!

As last Saturday was taken up with mock grading, teaching little ninjas for J and a friends party, we decided to have Z's party on Sunday. Not my favourite day to have a party, but if we didn't do it then, it would have been weeks before we could.
The weather did not turn out as we had hoped it would, so we had to move the party from a beautiful outdoor venue to our home. Thanks to a friends brilliant idea of having a Wi party, the boys had a fantastic time! The best hit was the dancing game which was played teams of four. Too cute to watch these little guys copying the cool moves!

Moms and dads hi jacked the TV once the kiddies party was officially over and had a great time playing Buzz, a general knowledge quiz game.

Z has been disappearing a lot this week....

.... disappearing into the pages of a book that was one of his favourite gifts.

We embarked on a new learning adventure this week with some dear friends and the Walk4Wheels#to change 222 lives
Craig Sieben, partnered with The Chaeli Campaign, is embarking on a remarkable journey on foot from Cape Town to Cairo! 16 000 km, 15 countries and 222 days, no public or paid transport will be used.
He will be raising awareness and carrying a message of hope that focuses on the abilities of those who are "differently abled". He will host workshops and distribute educational material. The goal is to change the lives of 222 children ( one child for each day he will be on the road ) in a significant way, by providing assistive devices and educating the family and community regarding the child's abilities.

We are getting involved, following his journey, raising funds, and learning about the various countries along the way. We are so excited to be doing a co op with our friends and look forward to all the fun we are going to have along the way!

We kicked off our learning this week by doing physical maps of Africa and a simple quiz.

We have a new student in our school two mornings a week now! 

He is the sweetest little student and we look forward to fun we are going to have with him. He tends to doze off during the lessons, but that's ok! He enjoyed an outdoor botany lesson on trees with us this week. (And I missed him on the days he was not here!)

K had a wonderful time at her girls group that meets once a month. The girls were taught how to do a manicure and each came home with the necessary "tools" and a bottle of nail polish. It was such a treat to have her give me a manicure while we did some of our school reading. 

Thursday evening was nail biting.... J and K had grading. K did well, achieving her red belt!

J had a gruelling half hour or more grading where he and the other student were put through their paces and given constructive criticism. A very high standard is expected at brown belt level, and both boys did not make it but have been given the opportunity to grade in a weeks time.I think I know where he will be most of this week coming .... training, training and more training!

This morning however, he had the sweet taste of victory in a team kumite competition, coming home with a silver and a gold medal!


  1. Wow, so much happening. Well done for the victories. I must admit to being a teeny tiny bit envious of your extra student. It reminds me of the days that your precious little ones would join us so many years ago.

  2. yes, that seems just the other day Cath and they so loved their times with you. I feel so blessed that we get him two mornings a week.It is lovely to be there to share in his little life.


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