Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fabulous Finds....

Today was one of those days that I just needed some cheering up. If I feel like that, I either need to get out a little or I curl up for a snooze. This afternoon the beautiful weather beckoned me outdoors, and I decided to take the younger two along for the ride and we had a fabulous time...

Fabulous find 1) a chameleon!

We have read and talked about chameleons and perhaps rarely seen them (they were common when I was a child) but today the kids found this one on the fence outside Soil for Life. They got to hold it very gently and watch it change colour. They wanted to bring it home but I was afraid our kitty would make a meal of it so we left it behind.

Fabulous find 2)....

..... the perfect place to celebrate Z's up and coming birthday!

We are trusting that the weather will be good and that he can celebrate with his friends in the beautiful gardens at Little Streams ... the perfect place for a bunch of busy boys! Perfect for hide and seek, treasure hunts and tadpole catching!

Fabulous Finds at Soil for Life:
3) organic lemons at just R4.00 per kg
(just in time for my next batch of sweet chilli jam)
4) organic celery for R7.00 a bunch
(fabulous to watch it being picked straight from their garden for us)

5) lettuce seedlings
6) a seed tray full of broccoli seedlings just ready to be planted out into the garden.


  1. i so love Chameleon's we had so may in our garden in Hilton, so miss them..where is this lovely place you are talking about? looks well worth a visit..

  2. Hi Jenni soil for life and little stream are both in Constantia and both worth a visit :)


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