Saturday, August 13, 2011

Elephant's Eye

On Tuesday, we took advantage of the public holiday and joined some friends on a walk to Elephant's Eye Cave.

That was where we were heading for...
the sun shone brightly, the wind was a little nippy at the start but.... was great to be outdoors and enjoying the wide open spaces in nature.

The last time I headed off in that direction must have been about 20 years ago!

In just a little while, we warmed up and it felt like we were on top of the world and the views where spectacular!

The strong, pleasing scent of Fynbos was a reminder of childhood walks in our mountains with my family...

....the delicate flowers were magnificently displayed in hues of pinks and purple upon the mountainside.

After heading up, it was over and down where we were greeted by spectacular views of the bay in the distance....

In the shade of the few Pines left on our mountains, we enjoyed gazing out into the distance with a pair of binoculars that one clever dad brought along.

To our left we had the most magnificent clear views of the Constantia Valley and the back of Table Mountain.

On and up a little more to a lookout post...
.....time for some delicious cookies before heading on to the final destination.

The last up hill stretch was well worth it and we spent some time admiring the views from the cave while the two youngest boys explored the cave, before scampering back down the mountain to enjoy a well deserved picnic at the dam.

The kids enjoyed seeing this lovely example of phototropism in this tree trunk as we had just read about it last week in our Botany studies.


  1. Mmm, nothing compares to a walk on the Cape mountains, smelling the fynbos. Lovely pis. xx

  2. Wow, talk about taking me back to my school days.Do I even remember where it is?


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