Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Home's Cool" Co - op

This week saw our co - op taking off and we had two fun days learning together.
We began with large maps of Africa, filling in all the countries that Craig will be visiting and tracing his route through Africa.
It amazes me that this young man is making this remarkable journey on foot from Cape Town to Cairo!

The kids so enjoyed the map activities.
We read snippets from various websites about Africa, just adding to their general knowledge of the continent we call home.
We spoke about why we are proud to be South Africans.
We brainstormed ideas on how we would raise funds for the Walk4Wheels campaign and came up with some fun ideas.
As we have to give a team name for the school fundraising activities , we came up with the name
"Home's Cool".
As his starting point is South Africa, and it is our first country study, we learned a bit about the SA flag and the children coloured flags as well as adding maps of SA to their notebooks.
It was fitting to get the kids into the kitchen for home economics (and a night off for the moms!)

We enjoyed a traditional meal of Bobotie that night, which of course is not complete without Mrs Balls Chutney!

On day two, we read two books about Nelson Mandela and the children learned new things about the man called Madiba.

We learned the history of South African leaders and the National Anthem. We did notebook pages on Nelson Mandela.

Hands were kept busy while the moms took turns reading....

..... beautiful collages of African animals on an outline map of Africa!

It certainly has been a lot of fun so far and we look forward to next week.


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