Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Home's Cool" Co-op has more fun...

We have had more co-op days with our friends, enjoying learning about our diverse country.

We had to make Milk Tart!
A delicious proudly South African desert.

We learned about all our national symbols
... the Springbok, the Blue Crane, the King Protea, the Yellow-wood Tree and the Galjoen...

We learned about the National Coat of Arms and what each item on it symbolises.
9 provinces were found and marked on the maps and we talked of how there were only 4 in days gone by.
We learned of the different languages and ethnic groups in our rainbow nation.

We have talked.....
..... and talked
........and talked
about our land with such a rich heritage, diverse cultures, abundant flora and fauna, incredible landforms
turbulent history.

We have enjoyed creating Ndebele art.

We have scoured the Internet to answer the curious questions posed by the children
most of all we have had a great time enjoying learning together!

As part of our South African cookery, my kids were keen to make Vetkoek (literally translated as fat cake), a traditional Afrikaner pastry, thought to have its origins in the Dutch oliebollen and since they are of part Dutch descent...

Why not?

They made the dough and left it to rise while carrying on with the mornings activities...

They were fascinated at how 'alive" the dough seemed as it bubbled and moved!

The dough is flour, water, sugar and yeast, which is then deep fried....

What memories these brought back from my childhood days...
Our dear Xhosa nanny, Agnes, used to make them for my siblings and me!


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  1. Lovely. I can almost taste the vetkoek with apricot jam.

  2. looks like you have been having a lot of fun, my mom use to make vetkoek for us on a Friday evening...know and then when she was tired of normal cooking....if you have found some good sites please post about them too, i find good info sites about S A hard to find..

  3. Hmmm, yummy. I remember our nanny doing the same for us when we were all little.

  4. WoW, looks like you had an awesome time & oh that milk tart looks so yummy... thank you for sharing.

  5. love it! :) so much fun and learning in this post. You put in a lot of work, mom! :) Was lovely seeing you on Friday. *hugs* to you!


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