Friday, September 23, 2011

The journey has begun!

Craig has taken his first steps towards Egypt.
He left the Chaeli Cottage last Saturday with a great send off !

We were not all able to see him off as K was competing in a Western Province Karate competition, but thankfully part of our "Home's Cool" team was able to.
I was sad we could not be there to say goodbye but would not have missed her competition and seeing her get a medal for anything!

We are following his journey and it is amazing to see how South Africans are welcoming this young man and supporting him as he makes this incredible journey of goodwill.
His first stop was in the northern suburbs of our city where he did his first handover of an assistive device to a little girl with spina bifida.

Naturally the children have been learning about different disabilities in the last week so that when we read of the people whose lives Craig is impacting, they have a better understanding of the various disabilities.

Days before his send off, we received an urgent email from the Chaeli Cottage to ask us to create a video of what we had done in our co-op so far. The kids had great fun putting together a short clip and I was grateful that a friend had popped in and could cue them as I filmed....could not have done it without her!

The girls came up with a fabulous idea of raising funds by doing a pamper party for little girls. They created beautiful invitations and they hope to raise enough to sponsor a day.

As part of their learning about SA and Heritage Week, we had a fantastic outing to the South African Museum and the National Art Gallery...that deserves a post of it's own though!

They were so inspired by the rock art that tells of lives lived long ago. They just had to do some rock art of their own!

As the artists of long ago had made their own ink, it was fitting that they did too.
Red ink was made from frozen berries that had been thawed, vinegar and salt.

It was pushed through a sieve and then art began in earnest!

Instead of paint brushes, they used feathers and created some gorgeous art.
The week before the kids had enjoyed working with clay too.

Z's rock art and his clay elephant.

The two girls created the cutest African huts from clay and their rock art was lovely too!
Our co-op days are such fun!


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  1. Lovely to see what older children get up to in a co-op-exciting stuff!

  2. inspiring...lovely work..thanks for sharing

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