Saturday, September 10, 2011

"My life through a lens" part 2

This morning was part two of K's art project, "My Life Through a Lens", at the Frank Joubert Art School. As she had been using a disposable camera, we had no idea what to expect from the photos and that was part of the excitement of it all....

All though she had taken about 27 photos, she was only given 12 to work with, chosen by Ruth, the social worker from the Epilepsy Foundation.

An art teacher from the art school, worked with the girls, explaining to them the steps of making their photo montage.They went through the process of planning; making a collage for the back, fore and middle ground using ink, pastels, photos and pens and finally adding finishing touches.

It was a great experience for K as she has not done this before and the art teacher worked patiently with the girls, giving ideas and her valuable input.

Here are some parts of her photo montage:

I love that she used the piano keys on the roof of her room and had the family behind the window as if looking in from the outside.

Her creation was colourful...reflecting the colourful girl she is!

The roof of her room holds her art supplies and in the keyhole is her precious baby cousin.

The kite holds her thoughts about her only, dearest female cousin whom she longs for and could not photograph for the project.

She loves our dog, reading and going to gym with her dad two to three mornings a week. 
I love her smiley eyes peeping over the roof.

All in all a fun project and the exhibition should be held in November.

I just had to capture this door to one of the art classrooms...
It has now given the young lady an idea for her bedroom door...

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  1. WOW! what K did is amazing! tell her I said so :) miss you guys so much. Wish I could see you all. love to the family xxx


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