Monday, May 7, 2012

May Joy Dare Week 1

May's Moments of Thanks

Day 1
(3 gifts tasted)
427) coffee hubby served me with a dash of left over cream
428) soft serve chocolate ice cream savoured and shared with my daughter at the end of her long day at the teddy fair
429) left over dinner, thankful not to need to cook tonight

Day 2
(2 gifts flat)
430) large flat fish fillets, a gift from my brother's catch of the day
431) my panic at the messy house flattened... helpful kids and hubby who helped get it right again
& more my own
432) hearing my mum's calming, encouraging voice on the other end of line
433) enjoying a simple soup and freshly baked bread dinner with friends from about 40 years ago - wonderful people who have watched me grow up and have known me just about all my life- laughing and sharing memories of days long gone and rejoicing with them at the birth of their first grandchild
434) unexpected call from my farm sister....good to hear her voice
435) hubby and I sitting up late and connecting with our two teens....
sharing stories, tea and hot cross buns
436) meds starting to make me feel a little better

Day 3
(3 gifts my own)
437) knowing that my mum has my sister visiting while she is facing some medical tests...
but also wishing I could be there for her too
438) long chat with sister and mum and later farm sister too
439) popping in at my brother and his wife on my afternoon errands....
sharing cold drinks and conversation and laughing at my little nephew's antics
450)  finding that my sales for last month were not too shabby...every little bit helps
451) my neighbour who just feeds and cares for my youngest when he ventures over there....
sometimes I wonder if he lives here or there lol!

Day 4
(3 gifts before 9 a.m)
452) steaming cup of coffee warming me up on this chilly morning
453) a kind friend taking my youngest on a school outing...
giving me uninterrupted time to work with my high schoolers
454) easier, less congested breathing...
thankful for the treatment my neighbour gave me for my sinusitis last night

Day 5
(gifts my own)
455) friends dropping by for coffee unexpectedly
456) a day with few plans
457) the blessing of having my sweet nephew sleep over for the night....
watching him laugh and play with my big kids, bathing his cute chubby baby body,
 him wanting a snuggle before sleep time and going to sleep happily
458) knowing my eldest is looking out for his sister at the party tonight

Day 6
(3 gifts found in Christ)
459) thankful I am never alone
460) strength when I am weak
461)  peace that passes all understanding

Day 7
(3 gifts about your home)
462) warm and comfortable, thankful that we have a home
463) wonderful aromas wafting about the daughter baking up a storm in the kitchen today
464) thankful for our garden and eating dinner out there tonight on a perfect windless autumn evening

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  1. What lovely gifts! My sisters are dear to my heart, too, and I know the ache of not being near to help. Tea and hot cross buns also sound delectable. When I read "autumn" I checked your post date and then your profile. :) Here in Texas it is spring, and a very pretty one after a wet and mild winter. You are my neighbor on Ann's list this week, and I enjoyed giving thanks to God with you for His good gifts. May He continue to give healing grace for your sinusitis!


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