Monday, May 14, 2012

May Joy Dare week 2

Counting on and giving thanks to Him....

Day 8
(3 gifts my own)
465) having my oldest boy lean his head against my shoulder as we spent time together, working to prepare him for Thursday's exam
466) my youngest boy taken on a school outing by friends today...
then an afternoon of play and him coming home happy
467) hubby making homemade pizza tonight to satisfy the kids cravings for pizza..dough and all

Day 9
(3 gifts found in the dark)
468) comfort as my daughter and I lay chatting after lights out last night
469) some days darker than others but there IS ALWAYS something to thank Him for
470) knowing this in dark times...“I will never leave you or forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

Day 10
(a gift outside, inside, upside down)
471) salad greens growing outside in my garden: mustard greens, basil, spring onions and rocket... picked fresh almost daily to enjoy
472) inside the newly redeveloped mall my boy found a backpack he has wanted for a while and he used his  gift voucher from Christmas
473) lives turned upside down by exams but first one is over and thankfully my boy thinks it went well

Day 11
(3 gifts about your parents)
474) finding out yesterday that my Mum is ok...thankfully not cancer
475) my Mum's ever encouraging words
476) the way my dad just pops in from time to time for an early morning coffee and a chat
& more my own
477) early morning surprise of a box of products from the Home Tester Club...
Italian herb paste, Chilli Soya Sauce, Appeltiser, rice and some Kleenex wipes
478) a beautiful little tea pot card and note from my sweet sister
479) freedom to ditch traditional lessons and enjoy nature study in the garden with my younger two on this beautiful autumn day
480) a call from far, giving me something to look forward to
481) celebrating my dad in law's birthday....delicious dinner and family time

Day 12
(4 gifts held in hand today)
482) my phone...allowing me to receive messages from my far away mum and sisters even if their land lines are down
483) a borrowed text book which has helped my son revise for his upcoming geography exam
484) an early gift from my neighbour for mother's day.... she says I am her boy's other mommy
485) delicious plate of food at dinner...salads from the garden and fish, a gift from my brother, grilled to perfection over the coals by hubby

Day 13
(3 gifts found in your mother)
486) her patience with me as a teen
487) her soft, kind and words....soothing my thoughts and always encouraging me
488) her faithful and continual offering up of prayers for me and mine
& more my own
489) being mom to my precious three
490) spoiling of a delicious breakfast in bed by hubby: soufflé omelette and coffee...
 home-made cards and  flowers from the garden, 
chocolates from the boys, 
a beautiful, colourful tray cloth made for me by my daughter,

 and pretty charm bracelet she made too,
  voucher from my youngest for 5 million hugs, a car wash and massage- too sweet and thoughtful! 
Feeling so blessed by them today.

Day 14
(a gift picked up, put away, put back)
491) picked up... some lovely orders today
492) put away to savour again and again.... the beautiful letter my daughter wrote me for mother's day
493) put back...mmm can't think of that... so one my own instead - a bunch of recipe books passed on to us as a friend didn't want them any more!

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