Monday, May 28, 2012

May Joy Week 4

I can scarcely believe it almost the end of May.
 Daily I remind myself to....
"Be strong, let your heart take courage, yes, wait on the Lord." Psalm 27: 14

I love what Ann Voskamp wrote on her blog today :

"Everything is being spun around and upside down and everything steadies with this: Practice gratitude to God to practice your Faith in God."

Yes, all steadies in giving thanks and having faith in Him

Day 22
(3 gifts that made you laugh)
523) a dear friend that I don't see too often, lovely to see her at a special friend's wonderful 40th birthday celebration
524) my daughter
525) my youngest, specially when we are learning to speak Afrikaans
526) hubby making dinner tonight

Day 23
(3 gifts found in community)
527) coffee break this evening with the neighbours... good to laugh and catch up

528) my kind neighbour sharing her fruit and veg purchase with us
529) shared lifts to extra murals, outings and exams

Day 24
(a gift in a plate, pot, package)
530) a plate...hubby's delicious chicken burgers tonight
531) pot...pots of popcorn made by daughter
532) package..that I found out about today, can't wait for it to arrive!
& thankful for more
533) coffee and a quick catch up with my friend
534) our eldest wrote his last exam for this session today
535) hubby had an interview today

Day 25
(3 gifts my own)
536) an early morning outing to a goat dairy with a friend, giving us a chance to catch up
537) supper cooked early so I could relax at the end of the long day
538) lying in my warm bed while the rain buckets down

Day 26
(a gift worn, white, whispered)
539) worn: a warm blanket wrapped Basothu  style around me,
 and a beanie on my head to keep away the chills today
540) white: a beautiful white fabric rose bookmark made as a gift by my daughter for a friend...saving pennies on buying another birthday gift
541) whispered: sounds of milk being frothed by the coffee machine my dad blessed us with this morning!
& my own
542) deliciousness of a day with no agenda....then relaxing with a roaring fire tonight

Day 27
543) enjoying the morning sunshine, chatting with a friend
544) encouraging conversations with my farm sister
545) enjoying celebrating a 13th birthday this evening

Day 28
546) a wonderfully fun filled school outing this morning to a bath bean factory
547) blessing of a borrowed camper-cot for my nephew
 (the same cot my almost 17 year old used to play in as a baby!)
548) a prize I won, waiting for me when I arrived home...

interesting jams....
 Chunky Orange & Whiskey Marmalade
Plum Walnut & Brandy Jam
Apricot Cardamom & Orange Jam
Black Cherry & Amaretto Jam
Peach & Passion-fruit Jam
Yellow Cherry & Roasted Almond Jam
549) receiving our cultural exchange pack full of surprises from Canada today
550) my happy girl returning from art lessons with a good grade for her project on Monet
551) laughing hard with the family tonight

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  1. Gotta love when the hubs cooks dinner! Your photos are lovely as well--a good eye you have there.


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