Monday, September 17, 2012

Joy Dare September into week 3

Choosing to count His blessings...

Day 11

921) dinner on the beach tonight, watching my youngest enjoy building sandcastles and my teens running fast and free on the beach, a brisk walk for me and then back to neighbours for coffee, dessert and good laughs

Day 12
922) He is faithful, 
all knowing, 
 He knows the end from the beginning,
 wants my good,
 is all powerful, 
and stays closer than a brother.
923) an unexpected visit from my sis in law and her sweet baby today
924) giggling, happy teen girls looking through photos taken over the years
925) hubby surprising me with a wasabi chocolate 
926) my brother calling just to see how I am today

Day 13

927) coffee with a friend just when I needed it
928) sounds of guitar from my teen son's room... love it
929) seeds planted.... pushing up through the earth

Day 14

930) that wonderful Friday feeling and being able to spend time just reading for school today, and knowing that it is ok to do just that
931) early afternoon escape to a local dam for a picnic 
932) unexpected visitors....evening filled with laughter...good for the soul

Day 15

933) visit to a local market with my sis in law and her sweet baby... 
watching him tasting various cheeses and breads and just being his cute little self
934) beautiful rich compost from our heap that hubby dug out for me again today
935) the gift of friendship

Day 16

(3 gifts shared)
936) early morning walk on the beach shared with my daughter and a friend
937) pancakes with strawberries and ice cream shared with family and friends
938) delicious fish braai shared with neighbours and friends

Day 17

939) smiles and laughs on a day that was difficult
940) my dad stopping by on his way to work this morning to share some melon seeds with me
941) soothing sounds of my teen son playing his guitar again tonight


  1. coffee with a friend just when i need it...

    my coffee friend moved a long ways away - i miss those times. glad you had that precious moment this week.

  2. Thanks Richelle, hoping you find a coffee friend again:)


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