Monday, September 10, 2012

Joy Dare September week 2

It is good to give thanks...

Day 4
(a gift cool, warm , sun-soaked)
897) cool waters and ice cream at the beach this afternoon with all my children, and our sweet baby nephew/ cousin and his momma

898) weather beautifully warm
899) skin soaking up a little sun on this glorious spring day

Day 5
(3 gifts Spring)
900) birds chirping their announcement of the new day
901) buds promising new life
902) longer days with beautiful calm, warmer evenings

Day 6
903) an early morning walk with my daughter and a friend, perfect way to start the day
904) my youngest helping me get the watering done and having fun splashing the water everywhere
905) relaxed afternoon at the Science Centre...
eldest son finding practical lessons helpful....
 youngest having fun exploring with a friend....
and myself enjoying catching up with friends

Day 7
906) a glorious spring day and another brisk morning walk
907) a beautiful tree, free from the nursery in exchange for a bag of old newspapers
908) free gift of a restio from the nursery
909) a perfect evening enjoyed with friends, first braai of the season, good company and good laughs

Day 8
910) perfect weather and a good days work in the garden....
 hubby's help appreciated and beautiful rich compost from our heap
911) chatting with my farm sister, always good
912) an early evening walk on the beach enjoyed with my daughter

Day 9
913) breakfast enjoyed with my Dad in celebration of his birthday this week
914) finally getting to chat with my Mum after trying to make contact all week
915) a much needed afternoon rest

Day 10
916) my hairdresser needing a model for her exam and doing my hair free today
917) my youngest helping me with my work.... with a cheerful heart
918) finding someone to help my son with his physics
919) being able to share my compost with my neighbour
920) getting hugs just when I needed them 

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