Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slow Living month 8

I have been a little slow in posting for month 8. Days are full and packed with life's activities, revolving around a household of 5. Sometimes I wonder if I achieved anything, but then looking back, I realise I have, and it is good to be able to look back and take note of those moments that make up our days.

It seems that food was simple and quickly prepared over the last month and nothing really stands out, but there was reason to make celebratory cakes and bakes......
always enjoyed more than shop bought bakes!
Our daughter made her ever popular lemon and poppy seed cake and delicious peanut butter squares.
 Our youngest baked a traditional South African milk tart.
Inspired by the abundance of golden yellow gooseberries in the garden, I tried my hand at something new and delicious....

a gooseberry tart!

 The flavours were delicious, a little tart and a little sweet. 
Just my kind of desert!

On more than one occasion, when the house seemed over run with hungry visiting teens,  hubby made his home-made pizzas topped with onion marmalade, bacon and cheese.

The usual 3kg of onion marmalade was made to satisfy those who want to eat it with everything.
5 kg of tomatoes, bought at a good price, were turned into tomato and chili jam, Indian tomato sauce as well as Italian tomato sauce for the freezer, and some to share with friends too.
Lemons from my mom in laws tree were made into lemon curd and enjoyed on pancakes.
Bright beetroot was bottled and my daughter and I have been enjoying it.

We managed to de-clutter and clear out my youngest's cupboard...all sorts had been hiding in there. I prefer to pass on, than to throw away unless absolutely necessary. Good but too small shoes were passed on to happy recipients as well as two backpacks that will better suit younger children. The little guy next door received a couple of hand me downs, and baby cousin some toys that have been outgrown. 

My daughter attacked the kitchen cupboard that had been hoarding all sorts of unused items.... the likes of Barbie and Spiderman water bottles that were once precious to my big children, have now been passed on to little people to enjoy. It is freeing to pass on items that are no longer used, with the knowledge that someone else can still enjoy them.

I recently read a couple of posts about natural air fresheners for the home. Some lovely simple ideas. I tried out a cinnamon one...lovely to have the beautiful aroma wafting through the house. Just pop a pot on the stove and let the water simmer with a couple of cinnamon sticks in it. It can be reused when necessary.

I so enjoyed picking this little harvest....

Just perfect for a coleslaw to go along with an evening meal.

I harvested just one beautiful leek and am uncertain as to what happened to the rest that were planted. Next year I will be sure to plant many more as it was most definitely the best leek ever!
Kale and spinach have been added to many meals.
Handfuls for bright red cherry tomatoes were picked continually throughout the month.Some eaten fresh, others made into a sticky, delicious warm tomato salad in a balsamic reduction.
Our youngest (who doesn't eat peas any other way) enjoyed the last of the peas, freshly picked before strong winds destroyed them all. He also enjoyed  the first baby purple carrots.
Herbs are added to meals daily, mustard greens and lettuce were enjoyed and the last grannadilla picked. 
Gooseberries were eaten daily, fresh off the bush.

I joined a local nursery garden club and received some free carrot seed which I have yet to plant. In the mean time red cabbage , lettuce , green peppers, rocket, lemon balm and pansy seedlings have been planted. 

My daughter finished off the beanie she had started knitting for herself last month and was very happy with the result. The colours are so pretty with her blond hair.

She also attended a Sweeatarts workshop where she learned to create delicious edible art.

Her art teacher organised a screen printing workshop and she enjoyed creating her own T's.
The "Peacock"  T was made for her friend with the surname Peacock.

I spent time trying to figure out a knitting pattern that was rather confusing.
 I have yet to finish the item and perhaps it will be done by the end of this month. 

But I did finally knit up a beanie for my sister in law...

and perhaps her sweet baby will share it with her!

I had bought this yarn on a long ago and memorable trip with two friends to Nurturing Fibres. 
I remember taking an age to choose a colour for her. This hand dyed Spaghetti Aran was a delight to knit with... 455 merino, 45% kid mohair and 10% silk.

I attended a very informative talk about natural progesterone therapy, Naturone, and have been discovering the benefits of this treatment. 
My gardening books have been visited and revisited as I plan my spring gardening and companion planting. 
I have been enjoying "Jamie's Great Britain", a beautiful recipe book by Jamie Oliver.

This was the last month that we regularly had my baby nephew with us during the week. 
We miss the little treasure already! 
We still don't have a car every day so the kids and I do a little walking when we need something on the days we don't have the car. Shared lifts are organised where possible too and errands well planned for the days we do have the car.
The kids spent some time volunteering at a charity book-sale and painting a mural for the Chaeli Campaign. Our youngest also began his fundraising project for the Chaeli Campaign.

We enjoyed many memorable moments in August. 
We held a surprise birthday party for our 17 year old son, a great night of good fun and
dancing with a great bunch of kids! 
We celebrated the birthday of one of his friends in our home with hubby's awesome home made pizza.
Our youngest turned 12 and so there was more celebrating with a party for his friends, a round of cave golf and then on his request, hubby's awesome pizza again!
Many a weekend, the kids friends all hang out here and it is great to have them feel at home.
Our neighbourhood celebrated the engagement of one of our neighbours with a lovely dinner party.
The younger two and I had a wonderful outing to Monkey Town too.
I also had the pleasure of an impromptu evening out with two girl friends  to an Elvis Blue concert.
All in all an enjoyable month.

Thank you Christine for hosting this great link up at Slow Living Essentials.


  1. Great post Wendy - worth waiting for :o) I remember that trip to Nurturing Fibers - what a lovely day we had. The beanie looks great and your harvest delish!

  2. Thanks Shirley, it was a lovely day :)


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