Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shakespeare Schools Festival 2012

Last night was the culmination of months of practice for the long awaited Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Artscape. The festival is a non-competitive and celebratory opportunity for youngsters to familiarise themselves with Shakespeare through the performing arts. 

 Early this year, a friend of K's sent out an email asking fellow home schoolers if they would be interested in taking part. She had been to the previous year's festival and was inspired to get a group of home educated students together for 2012. K jumped at the opportunity as she really enjoys drama and has taken part in two small productions before. Z needed a little convincing, but accepted the challenge and really enjoyed taking part. 

As the weeks rolled on, the practising and learning of lines became part of our days. The drama practices became more frequent and eventually took up most of last weeks school time. Excitement mounted as the date drew nearer.

Two of the teens in the group took on the responsibility of directing the play and put it together on their own, being the only group participating without the help of drama teacher. Most of their practices took place in a garden and not on a stage. It was the first time a group of home educated children have taken part in the festival. They performed alongside Chris Hani Arts and Culture Focus School, Herschel Girls and San Souci Girls' High.

 Their version of Twelfth Night was outstanding. 
As one spectator put it..
  " they showed real understanding of the material in a beautifully classic interpretation. The acting was superb and the violin haunting! Don't miss it next year folks. Brilliant stuff!"

All made up and ready for the stage!
K as Olivia and Z as Valentine.

It was wonderful to see months of hard work come together so beautifully. 
  I am sure they will want to participate again next year!

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  1. I so wish we could have watched the performance.


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