Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last of August Joy dare and September week 1

I am grateful for so much...

Day 28
886) time spent with my eldest as my other two were busy all day today
887) thankful for short queues when we went to apply for his ID
888) delicious cake pops and cupcakes made by my daughter at a workshop today

Day 29
( a gift one, two, three)
889) one... unexpected invitation by a girlfriend
890) " two.... birds killed with one stone" as I ran errands in the hour long wait for my son 
to finish his extra lesson
891) last three... tickets for a wonderful, fun and entertaining evening as two girlfriends and I went to the Elvis Blue concert

Day 30
( 3 gifts very small)
892) broccoli seedlings that seem to be making it when I thought they wouldn't
893) small breakthroughs, bringing restoration to a precious relationship
894) small gifts as recognition for my educational toy sales this month

Day 31
895) His protection over a dear friend when she got caught in a rain storm today and another car overturned close to her and her sweet girls
896) His grace and mercy new every morning
897) that He makes a way when there seems no other way

Day 1
898) leftover paint from a job done by hubby meant our kitchen could get a much needed fresh coat of paint
899) happy and loud sounds of teenagers visiting
890) enjoying watching our younger two take part in the Shakespeare School's Festival at the Artscape Theatre tonight....thankful it went well for them all

Day 2
(2 gifts cut)
891) delicious birthday cake as we celebrated a sweet little 8 year olds birthday
892) left over quiche cut and shared at dinner time...thankful for leftovers
893) hubby doing the hard work of getting wheel barrows of compost out of the heap for the veg beds

Day 3
(3 gifts yellow)
894) delicious gooseberries sun-ripened and enjoyed fresh
895) lemons from my mom in laws tree
896) nasturtium flowers brightening up the garden.


  1. Please please send me up some gooseberry seeds with Chris. xx


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