Monday, October 15, 2012

Joy Dare October week 2

This past week I reached counting 1000 gifts to be thankful for. 
It has become a daily habit to find something to give thanks to God for no matter what we face. 
Sometimes it is not easy when life burdens one with challenges but it is worth it! 
So I will continue to count my blessings....

Day 9
989) acceptance in Him
990) His strength, not my own
991) knowing nothing can separate me from His love

Day 10
992) thankful to find joy, great or small even in difficult times
993) happy sounds of cousins on a long distance phone call.... knowing they will see each other soon
994) thankful for groceries just when there was little left

Day 11
995) thankful that last night's intruders did not get into our home and we were not harmed
996) thankful for some quiet time to myself while my eldest did his chemistry practicals and the youngest explored the science centre with his friend
997) humble thanks for God's family that is beyond our comprehension....
and His provision through someone we don't even know
998) thankful for financial help to replace our gate motor after it was stolen last night
999) thankful for a beautiful evening..
blessed to be surrounded by my family...
a simple meal shared outdoors...
  delicious best ever chocolate mousse for dessert
made by my eldest and his sweet girlfriend

Day 12
1000) reaching 1000 things to give thanks for no matter what life holds
1001) encouragement and blessings from my far away mum
1002) end of a challenging week...hopefully some rest and relaxation over the weekend

Day 13
1003) seeing my teen daughter and her friend enjoy a happy fun filled girls day today....

.....laughing at princess movies, eating pink food and wearing crowns!

1004) an evening of fun and dancing with hubby and some friends

Day 14
1005) conversations with my farm sister and my mum
1006) hubby's helping hands around the house today

Day 15
( a gift re-read)

1009) thankful for wise words on motherhood from Kat at Inspired to Action :

"The best I can do is to show them what following God looks like, what good choices look like, what love looks like. My job is to invite them to journey alongside me, teach them as much as I can and pray for them constantly.
Ultimately, though, their responses and decisions I must entrust to the grace of God. Unlike a marathon, boot camp or grad school, following all the rules doesn't mean I get the prize of perfect kids."
1008) thankful for friends who make me laugh
1009) thankful for shared lifts for the children me extra time to help my daughter get ready for her trip to the farm in the morning


  1. Congratulations on reaching 1000 gifts Wends! I'm so thankful that you guys were kept safe from your break in! God is good. Loved reading today's gifts. I am always encouraged when you share your thoughts and Gods provisions for your family. I miss you my friend.

    1. Thanks my friend, miss you so much too!


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