Monday, October 29, 2012

Joy Dare October week 4

Giving thanks....

Day 23
1032) audio books for my boy to listen to for school as I was not feeling well today
1033) a call from my big sister
1034) boys who have taken up the slack....
doing their sister's chores while she is away, without complaining

Day 24
1035) meaningful discussions with the boys over Bible time this morning
1036) thankful my eldest is preparing diligently for his exams
1037) broad beans from my neighbours garden again
1038) happy messages from my daughter on the farm

Day 25
1039) ice cream enjoyed with a friend
1040) an unplanned, but perfect evening braaing at the neighbours

Day 26
1041) a peaceful afternoon enjoying my book and some down time as I continue to recover
1042) talking to my girl on the farm...
thankful she has been having a wonderful time

Day 27
1043) thankful to get my hair done by my kind neighbour
1044) hubby helping me in the garden

Day 28
1045) growth in character, discernment and wisdom for our precious girl
1046) meaningful chats with my teen son
1047) thankful that our children are His and He is the gardener of their hearts

Day 29
1048) our daughter's safe journey home from the farm... 
feeling complete again now that she is home
1049) grateful thanks for the blessing of my sister and her family who cared for and nurtured her 
over the last two weeks
1050) precious moments watching my three re-connect after her 2 week absence
1051)  delicious gift of a wonderful variety of home made cheeses and butter from the farm 
1052) thankful for a wonderful dinner with neighbours celebrating her return and hubby's birthday

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