Monday, October 1, 2012

Joy Dare, last of September

Counting my blessings...

Day 25
956) uplifting chats with my farm sister

Day 26
(2 gifts flourishing)
957) my lemon tree....flourishing since hubby moved it into a sunnier position
958) spring flowers bringing beautiful splashes of colour into my garden

959) thankful for a young lady, willing to give up her afternoon to help my daughter with some sewing and then my son with science tutoring

Day 27
(2 gifts unexpected)
960) free "brand bucket" delivered to my door with seven different deodorants for us to try out
961) an awesome and very early birthday present from my neighbour .... 
Margaret Roberts "My 100 Favourite Herbs" 
962) catching up with hubby after a long and busy day

Day 28
963) beautiful sunshine, an answer to my daughter's prayers for her tea party this afternoon
964) the blessing of a gorgeous "tea cup" cake made by my neighbour for our daughter's birthday

Day 29
965) celebrating our daughter's 15th birthday today with family and friends

Day 30
966) catching up with a friend over a cuppa
967) a day with no agenda after two days of celebration
968) calls from my sisters this weekend and seeing my brother and his little family

Day 1
969) get together to celebrate a friend's daughter's 21st birthday....
lovely to get out and enjoy lunch with friends

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