Monday, October 22, 2012

Joy Dare October week 3

Though I decided to take a break from my blog, I could not break the "thankful habit" I have gotten into over the last while. It reminds me to constantly be thankful to Him in all circumstances for everything....

Day 16
1010) thankful that despite mix ups as to where her boarding gate was, our daughter managed to board the plane safely and on time early this morning
1011) thankful for a safe journey to the farm with her cousin and uncle...
and being able to be in touch via messaging throughout her journey
1012) thankful to hear her voice and laugh tonight...
tired but happy to be there with her special cousin whom she regards as a precious sister
1013) thankful for calls from all my siblings today
1014) broad beans from my neighbour's garden

Day 17
1015) delighted that my asparagus have survived when I thought they were dead and gone

Day 18
1016) morning walk with my neighbour and her dogs...the little one pulling me all the way
1017) boys in the kitchen with me, laughing, music loud, one baking bread and the other a dessert
1018) talking to my daughter on the far away farm ....hearing about her making butter, cheese and ice cream
1019) my sister sending me photos of my daughter and messaging me to let me know all is well
1020) my sister in law visiting with my baby nephew two days running

Day 19
1021) thankful we had wood for an indoor fire....
enabling us to cook toasted sandwiches for a houseful of teens at dinner when the power went out!
1022) coffee, cake and laughter celebrating another birthday with the neighbours

Day 20
1023) houseful of happy teens again
1024) talking to my sister and the girls on the farm

Day 21
1025) medicine from my neighbour to try and fight what ever it is that my body is fighting
1026) hubby taking over chores so I could rest

Day 22
1027) a gift of broccoli seedlings and straw to mulch my strawberries
1028) thankful to be feeling a little stronger today
1029) thankful for my daughter's good term marks for art, and the wonderful teacher she has
1030) thankful for a visit from my brother and the way he made me laugh today
1031) thankful that as Ann Voskamp says,
 "You defeat your dark when thanksgiving is your default."

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