Monday, November 19, 2012

Joy Dare November week 3

Unlocking the fullness of life in thanksgiving....

Day 13
( 2 gifts behind a door)
1092) my son getting much needed r & r and sleeping in really late today
1093) a rest for myself this afternoon in the quiet of my room
1094) sharing dinner and laughs with the neighbours and a friend visiting from the UK

Day 14
( a gift silent)
1095) strong silent hugs from my hubby
1096) wonderful work out again today....have missed regular exercise classes
1097) paid work for my daughter today, enjoying something she loves: creating edible art

Day 15
(a gift golden)
1098) brilliant golden yellow squash flowers greeting me each morning
1099) sparkling fairy lights...a gift from my friend

Day 16
1100) thankful for a good workout again this morning
1101) thankful for the long drive out to exams today, giving my oldest son and me an opportunity to catch up and chat....thankful too that his exams are over 
1102) thankful for a great evening with friends & teens going to youth tonight

Day 17
( gift of laughter)
1103) loads of fun and laughter today

Day 18
( a gift shared )
1104) a beautiful day with friends

Day 19

1105) thankful that our daughter was accepted to art school for next year
1106) thankful for great times enjoyed over the past week with a friend visiting from the UK....
thankful for all the gym classes he did with us too
1107) thankful for a visit from my sister in law and her sweet baby today

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  1. So many wonderful gifts. Those precious hugs from our husband... such a gift. How exciting for your daughter to go to art school! I attended an art school and loved it! :)


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