Monday, November 12, 2012

Joy Dare November week 2

The past week has flown by, so much happening in this journey we call life. 
So much to be grateful for...

Day 6
1074) thankful that supper was prepared early and waiting for us after the long trek out to exams again
1075) tomato plants, gift from a friend

Day 7
1076) kind friend who ferried us around to the doctor and pathologist for my eldest who has not been well for a while

Day 8
1077) thankful for my daughter waking me in the night to see to the youngest who was not feeling well
1078) awesome gym 24 class this morning at the neighbour, 
given by her friend who is a trained gym instructor
1079) gift of a cooked chicken and some cream cheese
1080) chats with family

Day 9
1081) wonderful informative outing with my younger two this morning
1082) better news than expected from the doctor regarding our eldest's health
1083) visit from my sweet friend, 
sweetened even more by the gift of a jar of honey
1084) relaxed evening having dinner at the neighbours

Day 10
1085) a morning enjoyed in the garden,
 compost from our heap and seeds shared and sown

Day 11
1086) chats with my farm sister

1087) growth in the garden
1088) a quiet day enjoyed with family 

Day 12
1089) thankful for meaningful discussions with my teens and tween each morning when we read the Word
1090) beautiful drenching summer rains today
1091) my cheerful daughter helping me bake and prepare dinner tonight

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