Monday, November 26, 2012

Joy Dare November week 4

Day 20
(3 gifts of traditions)
1108) birthday mornings when all the kids pile onto our bed.....
a tradition from my childhood home and carried on with my own dear ones
1109) a new tradition begun in our home last year and moving next door this year....
neighbourhood Thanksgiving dinner....
last year we were 8, this year it will be 15!
1110) a steaming cup of coffee after dinner, made by hubby or our oldest son

Day 21
( gifts family)
1111) family....blessed to have them all....near or far
1112) unexpected calls from them....always wonderful to hear their voices
1113) friends who have become family

Day 22
1114) blessed to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and neighbours tonight...
sharing heartfelt thanks and counting blessings.....
 laughter, tears of joy, good food and more....
   treasured memories created 

Day 23
(  gifts only in Christ )
1115) every good gift and every perfect gift
1116) undeserved grace and forgiveness

Day 24
1117) thankful for breakfast shared with dear friends we had met in Dar es Salaam... 
they are leaving for another city.....
a "so long breakfast" instead of goodbye as I am sure we will meet again someday
1118) chit chat with my cheery niece this morning

Day 25
1119) first magnificent sunflower gracing my garden

1120) a surprise early birthday gift from my sweet daughter, something she knew I would really enjoy
1121) messages, photos and voice notes from a sweet child and her mamma in Nigeria.... 
thankful to know all is well with them

Day 26
1122) thankful for a day that was not too demanding

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