Monday, January 14, 2013

January Joy Dare week 2

Counting my blessings...

Day 8
Dusky light, lovely shadow...
1208) outdoors at dusk enjoying good food and good company on a perfect windless summer evening
1209) lovely shadow cast by a tree, my daughter and I resting in it's shade with our books this afternoon

Day 9
1210) new and good possibilities that lie ahead
1211) wise words by Sally Clarkson, ministering to me in my unique situation...
"There is grace for each mom to conduct her own symphony, so to speak, with her family, circumstances and children in mind....
There is great freedom to live your family story within your own personality, history, and imprint, as long as we are holding His hand, reading His word and living by faith!"

Day 10
a gift sour, sweet, just right
1212) sour and sweet.....
goodbyes, I don't like them at all ever.....
 hugging our girl as she went off on a 4 day youth camp.....
sweet to see her excitement...
thankful to know she arrived safely!
1213) just right....blessed by hubby and our eldest making dinner tonight, them banning me from the kitchen and doing all the cleaning up too

Day 11
1214) a gift yellow....more sunflowers blooming in the garden, love their brightness
1215) getting outdoors for a walk with friends and family this morning

Day 12
something above, below, beside me
1216) above... a glorious summer sky today
1217) below.... soil prepared by hubby for seeds just waiting to be planted
1218) nephew falling asleep beside me tonight,
 sweet baby noises and soft breath....
blessed to have him in my life

Day 13
3 things about myself I am grateful for
1219) NOTHING can separate me from His love
1220) creation is a delight to me and a constant reminder of how great God is
1221) that I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and an aunt
1222) thankful that my daughter is home....
happy, excited and safe and sound from camp

Day 14
 startling grace of God
1223) I should not be startled by His grace but I am.... His answered prayers for my precious girl in a way far greater than ever imagined

1224) thankful for a wonderful morning walk enjoyed with family and friends

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