Monday, January 21, 2013

January Joy Dare week 3

Counting on...

Day 15
a gift worn, a gift shared
1225) worn...the Bible I have had since I was in primary school...used daily with my kids
1226) shared.... dinner prepared by hubby and our eldest

Day 16
1227) sweet baby nephew sharing our first school morning of the new year...

a delight to us all!
1228) thankful for co operation and diligence from the kids on the first day back at it

Day 17
a gift bringing laughter, prayer, quiet
1229) birthday gift from my sweet farm sister,
a month later but so worth the wait for a wonderful surprise today that made me laugh
1230) prayer....time with my three each morning giving thanks
1231) quiet...some down time after school 

Day 18
gifts from His word
1232) hope
1233) truth
1234) peace
despite any circumstances we may find ourselves in

Day 19
gifts that might never have been
1235) our youngest trying out a hip hop class and loving it
1236) wonderful gift of a term's lessons for him
1237) new friendships

Day 20
1238) a little needed solitude 

Day 21
1239) brisk morning walk before school
1240) my youngest playing beautifully with his baby cousin....shrieks of laughter
1241) veg from my neighbour's garden

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