Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joy Dare December week 3 and beyond

The year seems to have flown by....
Not such an easy one but I am thankful for God's hand which has kept us.
 I am thankful for blessings great and small each day.
 Gifts from above....

Day 18
gifts miraculous...
1168) His peace that passes all understanding when the world doesn't make sense
1169) His saving grace

Day 19
1170) house full with visiting teens from far, lots of laughter and fun

Day 20
1171) impromptu coffee, mince pies and games with neighbours this evening
1172) hubby on holiday from today

Day 21
1173) commission in the form of credit at a book store...
kids choosing numerous books and me not have having to pay a cent
1174) a refreshing swim in the neighbour's pool as ours is not ready yet

Day 22
1175) talking to my mum today, her birthday, sad not to see her but glad to be able to talk to her
1176) wonder and excitement on their faces (as big as they are) as we put up the Christmas tree tonight, carols playing and everything looking beautiful
1177) my older sister calling, good to catch up

Day 23
1178) eating from the garden today

Day 24
1179) more wonder and excitement....
 Christmas eve night drive with the kids to view lights in the neighbourhood

Day 25
1180) sharing the wonders of Christ's birth again with our children this morning
1181) wonderful day celebrating Christmas at hubby's parents

Day 27

1182) a basket of freshly picked veg and flowers from the garden to add to my Mom in law's birthday gift
1183) her delightful laughter heard as hubby and our teen daughter spend time together

Day 28
1184) visiting my Dad and his wife for the weekend with my daughter,
 unplanned but welcomed whole heartedly and with love

Day 29
1185) Hope found only in Him
1186) much needed laughter

Day 30
1187) His perfect timing

Day 31
1188) thankful for forgiveness....bringing new life to relationships
1189)  thankful for the year that taught each of us much.... though it was tough
1190) thankful for my sisters and our conversations today
1191) thankful to have family and friends celebrating new year with us tonight

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