Monday, January 7, 2013

January Joy Dare

I pondered over continuing to count my gifts / blessings in 2013 and I realised that I must....
 It is necessary, very necessary. On days when life is difficult, this counting of His blessings makes me see and trust in His goodness despite what may be going on around me....

Day 1
1192) gift heard...good news for my daughter

Day 2

1193) gift outside...time spent with extended family on a beautiful day at my dad's place
1194) gift inside.... inside my heart, hope for the year ahead
1195) on a plate... delicious left overs at dinner time
1196) hubby getting a new long sleeve T at no charge from a local shop as it was no longer on their system :)

Day 3
1197) a friend sacrificing time to give us personal fitness training
1198) time spent connecting with my daughter
1199) enjoying a DVD that my Mum sent as a gift .... whole family laughing hard

Day 4
1200) gift new .... free organic fertiliser from the local nursery just when my garden needed it
1201) hubby making his home-made pizzas tonight, 
relaxed evening playing board games with the kids and friends

Day 5
something you're making, seeing
1202) making... memories with my family
1203) seeing...growth in character in my children

Day 6
1204) gift in my fridge... left overs from tonight's dinner that will make another meal and veg from the garden
1205) in my heart... faith overcoming fear
1206) walk on a windy beach, waves crashing, gulls diving, kites flying, family around me

Day 7
1207)  grace from people you love...grace from my family when I fall short

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