Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finding joy and counting gifts

Time passes by with a flurry of activity and the past couple of weeks have had their own pressures. Seeking out and counting gifts daily helps me to slow down, even if only in my mind. A time to pause and find the good and perfect gifts within each day, no matter what else the day may have brought...

Day 19
1302) plan B for today...school from my bed as I was not feeling well but thankful that we still got some work done
1303) gift of strawberry runners from a friend
1304) gift of a "brand spanking new out the box" vacuum cleaner from our incredible neighbours and an outside security light
1305) gift of a bag of ripe granadillas from my sister's kind mom in law

Day 20
gifts at
1306) breakfast...forgiveness from my sweet girl after I had blown it last night
1307) lunch...new gate motor installed and working better than the one that was recently stolen
 and security light installed by our neighbour this afternoon
1308) dinner...oldest son cooking again tonight

Day 21
1309) our neighbour kindly lifting us out to Gordons Bay to fetch Jambo....

.....our beautiful rescue pup
1310) pancakes at lunch enjoyed with granadilla butter and a table full of friends and family
1311) seeing my sweet baby nephew, him swimming with cousins and gobbling ripe tomatoes from the garden

Day 22
1312) a gift that changed today... His timing
1313) coffee with a friend and a visit to Little Stream....a little piece of heaven on earth

Day 23
1314) His strength not mine

Day 24
1315) church this morning with the family.... precious message
1316) prayers of agreement 
1317) hubby cooking today
1318) sweet baby sleeping next to me tonight 

Day 25
1319) unexpected lifts for kids

Day 26
1320) picnic dinner in the park with friends and Shakespeare open air theatre tonight....
 good to laugh and enjoy time with family

Day 27
 a crazy day full of blessings....
1321) coffee with my cousin and his wife
1322) kindness extended by an acquaintance who offered my daughter a lift
1323) paving around our pool finally being seen to
1324) a friend arriving unexpectedly to walk our dog
1325) meeting and making new friend
1326) a house full of youngsters from church here for the evening
1327) thankful my neighbour helped me log onto her internet when ours was down

Day 28
a gift from the past that enables me to trust the future...
1328) His unwavering faithfulness no matter what
1329) thankful for chats with my far away big sister
1330) thankful for a welcome escape from the week's pressure: 
enjoying the carnival with family and friends tonight and eating good Dutch food!
1331) overhearing my eldest comment that he feels privileged to have been home educated

Day 1
1332) school outing with all my kids this morning
1333) a new perspective and hope

Day 2
1334) quiet time on my own after a topsy turvy week
1335) gift of a new collar for our dog
1336) hubby making supper tonight

Day 3
1337) wandering about with my daughter, enjoying art on display and seeing my dad
1338) sweet baby nephew here for the evening, new words constantly, kisses and cuddles from him
1339) call from my farm sister

Day 4
1340) thankful for relief from today's intense heat....
sitting with my feet in the neighbour's pool as my youngest and his baby cousin swam together
1341) thankful for shared dinner with neighbours and family

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