Monday, March 18, 2013

Counting rainbows, not thunderstorms

Continually counting my blessings...

Day 12
a gift in wind, in water
1360) a gift in wind...coolness on this scorcher of a day
1361) in water.... running water in our home, thankful we don't have to walk kilometres to get it

Day 13
a gift round
1362) round trip to town and back with my eldest son.... time to connect and chat

Day 14
gift found in silence
1363) solitary walk on the beach, sand underfoot and pink skies above
1364) white roses on our 21st wedding anniversary

Day 15
1365) blessing of friends and family who care and are always there for me and mine

Day 16
1366) hard eucharisteo..... difficult but necessary conversations that bring hope 
1367) wonderful prize of a bag of books delivered to my home

Day 17

1368) a walk on the beach with a dear friend, afternoon braai at family friends and St Patrick's day celebrations in the evening with the neighbourhood

Day 18
1369) a gift red....

Photo: Freshly picked :)

...freshly picked today :)
1370) a slower school day, but learning none the less
1371) two youngest cooking up a storm in the kitchen, dinner made by them
1372) friends helping out with lifts for kids


  1. Beautiful list... and you live in a gorgeous place, wow! I'm snuggled right up next to you, and counting, at Ann's place.

  2. While we counting our blessings, I want to say that you have been a huge blessing to me in the past 16 months! With Victor being away, life could get very lonely, but that has changed having you and your family around. Thank you my friend!

    1. Thanks Tam, you are certainly a blessing in our lives too!


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