Monday, March 11, 2013

Multitudes on Mondays

Grateful thanks over the past week.....

Day 5
1342) joining my friend who always invites me to join her doing market research

Day 6
1343) invitation to coffee and laughs with two friends

1344) wonderful surprise after a disappointment
1345) hugs from my youngest when he decided I needed that right then and there

Day 7
3 gifts in the kitchen
1346) lunchtime chats shared with my daughter
1347) a pot of soup that turned out just right, shared with my brother and his wife this evening
1348) fruit and veg sent home with hubby by his Mom this evening, looking forward to sharing the avo tomorrow with my daughter

Day 8
2 gifts loud
1349) loud guitar playing coming from my eldest's room as he practised for a Coke ad casting
1350) loud squeals of delightful laughter from my sweet baby nephew as he played with his big cousins tonight
1351) blessing of the gift of a hair cut for my daughter today.... 
and having my fringe trimmed so I can see again :)

Day 9
1352) my youngest's delight at taking part in the junior Argus bike ride

1353) impromptu coffee and chats with the neighbours this evening

Day 10
 gift in Christ
1354) seeing and watching my daughter grow in Him
1355) the joy of my baby nephew here again tonight
1356) finally getting to catch up with my mum on the phone again after trying numerous times

Day 11
3 gifts read
1357) a beautiful message of love and thanks from my daughter last night
1358) gift of good news in an email
1359) "Everyone gets to decide how happy they want to be. Because everyone gets to decide how grateful they are willing to be..." Ann Voskamp's words, always a gift.


  1. Hi!! My post came after yours at Multitude on Mondays. What an awesome list! Isn't it amazing how many blessings and gifts we have from God that include either friends or family?! You are truly blessed! Thanks for sharing.
    In His Love, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. Thanks Ann, lovely that you stopped by :)


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