Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paper making fun

My youngest and I had some hands on fun making paper for the life science curriculum he is working through. The objective was to discover how paper can be recycled. 

He shredded some old newspaper and placed it in a large bowl. It was covered with water and left to soak for ten minutes. While it soaked, he mixed a quarter cup of water with 6 teaspoons of cornflour.

He removed the newspaper from the water and blended it with the cornflour and water mixture. Just to be different, he added some mustard seeds once the mixture had been blended. To make interesting paper, one could add tiny dried flowers or a little food colouring if desired.

We then covered a cooling rack with and old stocking and he spread the pulp out over the rack.

The pulp was covered with wax proof paper and excess water was squeezed out by rolling the pulp out, making it flat and thin. 

It was a beautifully warm day and the rack was placed out in the sun for the paper to dry thoroughly.  This could take a day or two in colder climates.

Within a couple of hours, it was totally dry and he could gently peel his handmade paper from the cooling rack. The paper had a light grey colour. It could be used to made cards or gift tags or in this case, it can be planted in the garden and mustard greens should grow!

Culture Swapper

It was great fun and I am sure we will make paper again.


  1. love making paper, i have never tried doing it with my kids, maybe it is something we should do while the sun is still warm....

  2. You were always SO good at doing all the messy projects with the kids! I love the idea of your paper being the little bed for seeds. We need to arrange a Skype date! I'll email you. hugs{{}}

  3. Thanks for stopping by Shirley and Jenni. It was great fun and hope to make more paper soon!


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