Monday, July 15, 2013

Perfect Gifts

Over the past week there has been so much to be grateful for......

 1611) gifts in weakness: getting a good rest in when I was tired 
1612) hubby cheerily lending a hand at supper time when I was feeling snowed under
1613) catching up with a friend over coffee and my mom in law too
1614) perfect windless and sunny weather in the middle of winter

1615) my teen son treating me to ice cream at the beach
1616) a gift of growth: my sweet teen girl having grown so much this past week while serving at kids holiday club
1617) gift of life:beautiful life giving words
1618) blessed with a cuppachino machine, gifted by my cousin
1619) girlfriends sharing their pizza and laughter with me
1620) my kind neighbour washing away the grey for me
1621) beautiful gift of a hand made bag arriving from the USA today
1622) a great afternoon with friends, swapping clothing....
my wardrobe getting a face lift and increasing dramatically at no cost!
1623) decadent pancakes shared with the neighbourhood this evening as an end of school holiday treat
1624) a beautiful church service this morning....
encouragement to "live life forward"
1625) my cousin and his wife popping in for coffee 
1626) Bastille Day celebrations with the neighbourhood.....
enjoying delicious French Onion Soup and a selection of cheese and French bread...
 and of course plenty of good conversation and laughter too
1627) a message from my dear friend letting me know she had blessed me with a ticket for an upcoming woman's conference
1628) blessed with pies at lunch, a real treat for the kids
1629) a relaxed and enjoyable first day back at school
1630) thankful for a copy of a new book I have been asked to review... 
beautiful story that I am reading aloud to my younger two
1631) sharing an enjoyable afternoon at the waterfront with my friend,
 enjoying chocochinos while the seals slumbered nearby, 
 happy kids getting to see the aquarium and treated to ice creams....
a car full of happy noisy kids on the way home
1632) thankful for hubby's help at dinner when we got in late and a warm fire on this cold night
1633) seeing His hand in our lives

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